Erin Biertzer


Erin is retired and currently lives in Minocqua with her husband, Scott and son Parker. In 2017, she became President of the Howard Young Foundation and enjoys leveraging her business experience to help advance healthcare in the region. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from Ohio State University in 1990. She also has a Masters in Business Administration from Seattle University and a Project Management Certification from the University of Washington.

She has worked as an international retail executive with over 20 years experience most recently for Barclays Global Retail Bank in London, England. She was the Chief Operating Officer, Europe Retail and Business Bank until 2012. She was the Director of Distributions Services in UK Retail and Business Bank. She worked for Washington Mutual in Seattle, Washington in a variety of positions as First Vice President of Customer Experience & Operations, VP of Division Project Management & Corporate Intranet, and VP of Corporate Project Office. She was an industrial engineer in Silverdale, Washington for Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific, a Department of the Navy.

Erin received two Barclay’s Global Awards for Leadership and Community Service 1) Chairman’s Award for UK Retail Bank in 2009 and 2) Barclays Woman of the Year in 2008. She also received ten industry awards for design and innovation. She generated 200+ media articles through Branch Transformation, Launch Campaigns and Barclays Live.

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