Stories about the life-changing impact of your gifts in our community.

Why I Give

Sandy Grambow, RN, BSN, had her sights set on working for the Howard Young Medical Center (HYMC) from the beginning of her career. On August 2, 1976she started at Lakeland Memorial Hospital and helped transfer patients through the tunnel to the brand new HYMC in 1977.


Life Can Change in a Heartbeat

August 18, 2018, was a beautiful day in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. The third annual Minocqua Dragon Boat Festival was in full swing, the sun shone andthe water sparkled as the dragon boats raced across the lake. Crowds of spectators lined the shore and strolled the streets.


The Trail to Success

Equine assisted therapy is a form of experiential therapy that involves interactions between a person and a horse to promote physical, emotional, social and mental health. But it’s about more than simply riding – there’s a lot to learn before getting on a horse.


Feel the Energy!

On Saturday, August 17, 2019, crowds will roar again as dragon boats speed across Lake Minocqua. Delectable smells and entertaining music will drift over the festival grounds at Torpy Park, enticing paddlers andspectators to dine, dance and dally. Get ready for the 4thAnnual Minocqua Dragon Boat Festival!


Sustenance and Wellness

You would expect a pantry to provide food and maybe a few other supplies, but would you anticipate free health screenings there as well?