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Rising STAR: You made it a reality

Thanks to our generous donors, the Rising STAR Transition Center is now OPEN. Our community came together to create a truly special space for students age 18-21 with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). At Rising STAR, students learn how to live independently so they can thrive at work, school and in the community. Thank you for making it possible.

Here is the first update (taken from an email) from a student who is working on the skill of writing a professional email:

Dear Friends of Rising STAR Transition Center,

Welcome to our first weekly update email. We hope you enjoy it.

General Update:

The students are settling in and getting comfortable with the new program and space.

Everyday we make our own breakfast and lunch. We clean up after ourselves and are learning how to live on our own. We are also going to sell products that we create in our expressive art class, as well as Rising STAR merchandise in our retail space.

Weekly Accomplishments

We went to Nicklaus Farms and picked vegetables and berries. We brought it all back and made a homemade stir fry. It was good.

We went shopping at ACE Hardware and bought an apple picker. We took it to STAR and harvested apples from the trees. We made apple crisp at the transition center. It was excellent.

We made pizza for lunch today. One had pepperoni and one had green peppers, pepperoni sausage and onions. They were perfection!

Question of the Week:

What do you like about rising STAR?

“I like all the neat things we get to do with students” Mrs. Pinkos

“I like art class.” Hannah

“I love that we have the space to work on independence with students, as well as what each student needs at any given time. Having the freedom and creativity to meet students' individual needs is amazing and we have it at Rising STAR!” Ms. DeLynn

“I like independently cooking.” Jessa

“Kids are becoming more mature and full grown adults” Mrs Dawn

“I like that I have friends that I have made over the last 4 years at STAR and Rising STAR.” Sam

Upcoming Events:

We are going to Area 31 next Monday to ride atv’s and utv's around the forest. If you don't know what Area 31 is, it's an atv utv adventure park where you can ride an atv around a big track. We are going there for a field trip to explore sensory input for our students and career exploration.

Have a nice weekend,

Rising STAR Transition Center

*This email was drafted by a student working on the skill of writing a professional email.

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