The Tribute Program honors individuals who make a special gift to acknowledge cherished memories of a family member, friend or loved one who had made a positive impact or difference in your life.

Your caring gift can be made in memory of someone special, or to recognize a significant event such as an anniversary, a birthday, retirement or recovery from an accident or illness.

A Tribute gift will assist the Howard Young Foundation in its mission to support the hospitals that serve our communitites and provide the best medical and patient care.  This program is a very meaningful way to recognize and honor a special person or a group of people in your life.

Your name and that of the person/group being honored will be recognized in the Foundation's Partnership Fund book and the Annual Report.  Your Tribute gift will be placed in the Greatest Need Fund, unless you prefer it to be designated elsewhere.  Your name will be listed on the donor wall in the hospital's Wall of Honor if your cummulative Tribute contributions are $500 or more.