Donors who contribute a minimum of $100 annually are eligible for membership in the Bonhomie Club.  Bonhomie is defined as a feeling of friendliness among a group of people.  Your membership in the Bonhomie Club signifies strong continued interest in the present needs and future welfare of the hospital.  With your annual contribution of $100, your name will be listed on the recognition wall in the hospital's Hall of Honor.



Levels of Recognition

  • Red Oak: $1000 or more annually
  • Sugar Maple: $500 - $999
  • White Pine: $250 - $499
  • White Cedar (Arbor Vitae): $150 - $249
  • Aspen: $100 - $149

Membership in The Bonhomie (Good Friend) Club begins with a gift of $100 or more annually. Whatever gift level you select you will be planting a seed that will enhance healthcare in our community, making a difference in the lives of your family, friends and neighbors. We choose the tree as the symbol of The Bonhomie Club, because trees are such an essential part of the Northwoods.

Membership Benefits

  • Belonging to a distinctive group of generous, compassionate friends—people like you who believe in the charitable mission of advancing healthcare and who want to have a significant impact on patients' lives.
  • A direct line of communication with Howard Young Health Care (HYHC)—you will be kept informed of special programs and services at HYMC and how they can have a positive impact on our communities.
  • Recognition of your annual gift on a prominent display honoring all Bonhomie Club members—with an annual gift of $100 or more your name will be listed annually on a donor recognition wall in HYMC’s Hall of Honor.
  • An invitation to our festive Annual Celebration Event—designed to honor and pay special tribute to members of The Bonhomie Club.

Giving Levels

  • Aspen:
    Known for the vibrant yellow of its autumn leaves, the fast growing Aspen is a versatile tree that is a primary raw material source for the paper and board industries, just as Aspen level gifts are a much-needed staple for the programs and services of Howard Young Medical Center. (HYMC).
  • White Cedar (Arbor Vitae)
    Beautiful and fragrant, the White Cedar provides wood that is especially desirable in furniture making. Its beauty and resilience are like your gifts, creating a durable foundation for HYMC to continue its mission of providing the highest quality health and patient care.
  • White Pine:
    Majestic and upright, the White Pine offers wood that provides strength in framing and beauty in paneling. Like the White Pine, your gifts strengthen and enhance healthcare at HYMC for your neighbors and your family.
  • Sugar Maple:
    Distinguished by its glorious autumn colors and delicious springtime sap, Wisconsin’s state tree, the Sugar Maple, is one of our best known and most valuable trees, as your generosity is immeasurably valuable in caring for your community at HYMC.
  • Red Oak:
    The deep roots of the stately and long-lived Red Oak form a solid base for its growth, allowing this tree to provide a strong wood used for construction, furniture and fuel. Few trees provide more lasting benefit, as does your philanthropy in helping to provide the highest quality medical and patient care for generations to come.
  • Wall of Honor—Cumulative Giving
    As a member of The Bonhomie Club you will receive permanent recognition on our Wall of Honor when your cumulative lifetime giving reaches $2500 or more. Located in a prominent area of HYMC, our distinguished Wall of Honor recognizes individual and corporate benefactors who have made contributions of $2500 or more during their lifetime of support to Howard Young Foundation, Inc.

To help advance the delivery of healthcare in the Northwoods, join this altruistic group of fellow philanthropists and become a member of the Bonhomie Club today!