Every year, many departments at Howard Young Medical Center (HYMC) and Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital (MERMH) have needs that exceed annual revenues generated from operations.  Some needs are expected, other immediate - and often urgent. Gift support from our donors is essential to the wide variety of programs and services provided by Ministry Howard Young Health Care.  As a valued donor to Howard Young Foundation, you may specify all of your gift to a specific area of need.  Or, you may designate your donation to the Greatest Need Fund at either of our hospitals.

Listed below are funding opportunities for your gift to the Foundation.  You may also choose for your gift to be designated to a specific area not listed.

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Special Gift Initiative Capital Campaign

Gifts and pledges made to the Special Gift Initiative will be matched dollar for dollar by Ministry Health Care – which will double your already generous gift!

Trig Solberg Reflects on his 5th year as Howard Young Foundation (HYF) Chairman.

There has been a lot of activity going on to support local healthcare in the Northwoods, since Trig Solberg took over as Howard Young Foundation Board Chairman. On January 20, 2012, Trig announced a $60 million Special Gift Initiative that the HYF had just begun to support the long term capital needs of Ministry Howard Young Health Care. $30 million will be raised locally and Ministry Health Care will match each gift dollar for dollar totaling $60 million over the next 15-20 years. "I am happy to announce now that we have reached our first goal and raised well over one third of our total desired result."

During the same time, the Foundation has partnered with Ministry Howard Young Health Care to fund some significant advancements to demonstrate the value of healthcare philanthropy locally.

  • $1.3 Million for one of the most advanced  CT Scanners available .  The investment improves patients safety and ultimately decreases the need to leave the area for cardiac care by 50%.
  • $1.2 Million toward the daVinci® surgical robot.
  • $802,500 for a technologically advanced cardiac center which will allow up to 50% of patients that are currently being transferred out of the area to receive their cardiac care locally.
  • $550,000 updated to a 3-D Mammography machine is far superior to the 2D machine that is currently used across the country.  The 3D improves visibility with low-dose images and is the first and only FDA approved breast tomosynthesis exam clinically superior to the 2D.
  • $250,000 donated to relocate the Spirit 2 medical transport helicopter to the HYMC campus in Woodruff.
  • $210,000 for 16 Lucas™2 chest compression devices in all ambulances plus Howard Young Medical Center and Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital.
  • $100,000 invested in state of the art patient simulators to enhance medical and nursing education in our community.
  • $100,000 for “HOWIE” the germ zapping robot uses the latest technology in Ultra Violet Radiation to kill 99.9% of the germs that cause hospital acquired infections.
  • $50,000 upgrade to the daVinci® to allow surgical procedures to be performed through a single opening in your belly button leaving virtually no scar for gallbladder some gynecological surgeries.

None of this would have been possible without the generous and selfless support of our donors. In a time when most hospitals are cutting back services to maintain their profit margins, the partnership between the Howard Young Foundation and Ministry Howard Young Health Care is enhancing care locally and assuring that our hospitals will be providing state of the art care for generations to come.

Over the next several months we are focusing our attention on raising an additional $5 million to support a technologically advanced cardiac center on the Howard Young Medical Center campus in Woodruff. It opened in the October of 2014. When the full vision of this center is realized, it will allow up to 50% of patients that are currently being transferred out of the area to receive their cardiac care locally. "This is completely in line with our mission as a Foundation" said Solberg, "providing technologically advanced state-of-the-art care right here in our community."

3D Mammography - Here & Now

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide.1 In the United States; an estimated 231,840 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015.2 Every year approximately 100 women in our communities receive the devastating news that they have breast cancer. Breast cancer continues to rank second, after lung cancer, as a cause of cancer death in women in the United States, and it is a leading cause of premature mortality for women.

Even though mortality from breast cancer has declined steadily since 1990, largely due to improvements in early detection and treatment,4 an estimated 40,290 women in the United States will die of breast cancer this year.2  

3D Mammography screening is the latest advancement in the early detection and diagnosis of Breast Cancer. We are all too aware of how a diagnosis that brings forth the words, “You have Breast Cancer,” has affected our friends, their families or perhaps ourselves. Getting through such a diagnosis takes courage and spirit. We can help; HERE & NOW, by offering the best opportunity to detect potential cancers earlier and more effectively.

“We found an increase in invasive cancers, the ones we want to be picking up and reducing the number of people who have to return for a second test.” – Dr. Sarah Fiedeweld, national expert on mammography

The Women’s Legacy Council of the Howard Young Foundation in partnership with Howard Young Medical Center is planning to acquire this technology as gift to the amazing women in our communities. This is the first step in creating a breast health program at Howard Young Medical Center that instills a sense of confidence for the patient and their family members.

The cost of bringing this advanced technology to our community is $550,000.

Fortunately, because extraordinary benefactors Toni and Ron Budelier have offered to match every dollar we raise up to a total of $125,000 we are off to a great beginning. In addition, all gifts made to this HERE & NOW mammography campaign are matched dollar for dollar by Ministry Health Care as part of the Foundations Special Gift Initiative.  We are asking for your gift support to bring this vision to reality.

3D Mamography

Emergency Services

Nearly 20,000 people had an unplanned visit to our Emergency Department's (ED) in 2013. Not a single person woke up that day and said to themselves, "Let's go to the ED." Thankfully, the leadership team at Howard Young Healthcare does just that. They plan for the future and the unexpected so that the residents, snowbirds and vacationers in our communities don't have to. The July 4th holiday is the busiest time of the year for our ED's. Last year the ED at Howard Young Medical Center treated 686 patients of whom 65 were admitted to the hospital and 18 people transferred via ambulance or Helicopter to a higher level of care during the week of July 4th.

Our communities can count on the fact that Howard Young Medical Center (HYMC) and Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital (MERMH) offer an advanced Emergency Department with 10 board certified emergency physicians providing around the clock emergency care in a medically sophisticated setting 365 days a year. To put this into perspective, there are approximately 35,000 ED physicians in the United States, but only 50 % are board certified in emergency medicine. In addition, both HYMC and MERMH have highly trained nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, paramedics, and EMT's on site to assure you receive the highest standard of care.

The Emergency Departments of Howard Young Health Care were beautifully remodeled and expanded nearly 15 years ago to fulfill a vision of providing the highest quality of care possible. Recent trends in diagnostic testing and a desire to improve the patient experience when the unexpected happens cannot be readily adapted to the current ED design and space. No longer are the days of "Hello, please take a seat in the waiting room and we will get to you when we can," an acceptable practice. New ED's that are constructed today, focus on efficiency of movement for both patients and staff so that treatment can begin as rapidly as possible upon entry to the facility. The ED's of Howard Young Healthcare MUST be updated to accommodate this new care model and lifesaving equipment updated to assure that our community has the access to state-of-the-art emergency care.

3000… The number of 9-1-1 calls we responded to last year. Howard Young Healthcare's Emergency Medical System serves a huge geographical area, includes many small communities and results in long transport times for patients to get to the hospital. These lengthy transport times demand that HYHC provide the highest level of pre-hospital care possible. Both HYMC and MERMH have achieved paramedic level 9-1-1 ambulance services, which is the highest level of pre-hospital care in the State of Wisconsin. The advanced life support ambulances are staffed by highly trained paramedics and they are able to provide life-saving services in route to the hospital. EVERY ambulance should be equipped with modern, cutting edge, life-saving equipment to assure high quality patient outcomes.

Fulfilling the Vision

Redesign space to maximize the number of treatment rooms to ensure each room is equipped to handle any patient emergency, as well as having enough space to accommodate family members to provide emotional support. Equip treatment rooms with recliners, rather than stretchers to more comfortably and efficiently to treat less severe emergencies.


Update x-ray equipment to direct digital technology to increase the speed and accuracy of obtaining images.


Acquire specialized patient handling equipment to improve safety for patients and staff.


Equip all ambulances in the region with LucasTM 2 Chest Compression devices.


Deploy rapidly developing bedside tools to help the Emergency Care Team quickly identify and treat all emergencies:


  • Bedside ultrasound


  • Advanced Airway Management equipment


  • Telemedicine consultation with specialists not available in a rural community


  • Vein Finders to improve IV starting success rates


  • Specialty pediatric emergency equipment


  • High Definition endoscopes to assist ear, nose, throat and urology diagnosis and treatment in the ED.




Patient and Community Benefit…

  • Off the privacy and comfort of a community based ED with the staff, services, technology and equipment normally reserved for large urban hospitals.
  • With optimal design and equipment, board certified physicians who staff our local ED can perform 95% of the services typically seen at urban trauma centers.
  • Access to care, including specialty consultation close to home, so patients can benefit from support of family, friends and spiritual leaders.

Surgical Services

Having a surgical experience can be an emotional time for a patient, their family and loved ones. Surgery in the 21st century requires a complete picture of the patient's current medical status. Smart operating rooms give surgeons and the surgical team instant access to an unprecedented amount of vital information about the patient and the procedure. While Howard Young Medical Center surgical department was state-of-the-art in 1977, demand for technology improvements and the additional space needed to support it have exceeded the facility's ability to reinvest in surgical department renovation.

The design of today's surgical suites exemplifies a vision for surgery that more effectively uses space and gives surgeons voice control over the operating environment, much like talking to your computer or smart phone. In the past, within the operating room, the tools were all hand-held. All that was needed was a light, a knife and table and anesthesia. Recent advances developed to improve safety in surgical procedures, reduce risk and speed recovery require several pieces of large, bulky equipment to be placed around the operating table. Most current operating suites are too small to support the expanded equipment requirements, resulting in surgical cases that take longer to complete and increase a patient's time under anesthesia, which add to the stress level of the surgical team.

Surgeons must be completely focused on their patient and able to maintain and control the sterile environment by use of voice-activated command systems for all devices. All the data collected during a procedure, including voice recordings, radiology scans, patient data and images from endoscopic cameras and peripheral operating room cameras, can be displayed on a monitor. These images need to be transmitted between other areas of the hospital or in some cases, other facilities.

Fulfilling the Vision…

  • Retrofitting our current surgical suites with ceiling mounted equipment, anesthesia machines and lighting booms to maximize the space and efficiency of the existing operating area.

Cost $1,000,000

  • Construction of a new state-of-the art 20,000 square foot surgical center on the Howard Young Campus equipped with the latest technology for minimally invasive surgery, an integrated outpatient surgery and wound therapy area, in addition to being designed for optimal patient safety, infection control and patient comfort.

2-3 year goal & estimated cost $18 Million

Patient and Community Benefit…

  • Digital imaging, coupled with a new generation of smaller, more precise surgical tools has eliminated the need to make major incisions in many routine procedures. Equipped with these tools, surgeons are developing amazing new procedures at an incredible rate.
  • Minimally invasive surgery represents a giant leap, one that many experts equate with the introduction of anesthetics and antibiotics.
  • New procedures lower the risk of infection and lead to faster recovery for patients.
  • Adding new functionality enhances patient safety.

Greatest Need

You can help advance the health and wellness in our communities by making a gift to Howard Young Foundation, Inc. Your charitable contribution may be designated to your specific area of interest or you can make an unrestricted gift that will be used where the need is greatest at either Howard Young Medical Center or Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital